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Mold Abatement

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Mold growth in buildings has become a concern due to potential health problems from occupant exposure, litigation from alleged complications and difficulties in obtaining insurances.

Toxic Mold, The complete Story.

E&R has experienced hygienists and engineers that can assess a mold condition, identify building conditions that need to be corrected to stop continued mold growth, and develop remediation strategies. E&R’s experienced, licensed professional engineers can provide mold remediation specifications for turnkey assessment and remediation services. E&R maintains a strong professional and pollution liability insurance that covers mold assessment and microbial remediation. E&R’s experience and comprehensive insurance coverage make E&R the right choice.

E&R provides the following microbial assessment and remediation services

  • Mold and water damaged building material assessments that investigate the site for sources of moisture/water intrusion and defines the extent of impacted building materials.
  • Indoor Air Quality Study (IAQ) to assess air quality for impact from mold/fungi.
  • Provide remediation recommendations and contract documents for remediation.
  • Perform a turnkey remediation, or manage a selected remediation contractor.

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