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Asbestos Project Samples

Buffalo City Public School District – Capital

Buffalo City Public School District – Capital Projects/Energy Performance Contracting Eisenbach & Ruhnke Engineering, P.C. (E&R) provided environmental engineering services as a sub consultant to Johnson Controls Inc. for the Buffalo Public School District’s combined Capital Project and Energy Performance Contracting Project over the past 10 years and 5 Phases of work. Johnson Controls Inc., has developed facility improvements and performance contracts in cooperation with capital projects. This method allows the scope of work to be expanded, and reduce or completely eliminate local shares/tax payers cost. E&R supported these projects by consulting and designing the required abatement and management of hazardous materials that would be disturbed during the performance contract renovations.

No hazardous materials change orders were issued. Projects were on time and within budget.

Total Energy Performance Contract (EPC) Cost               $ 50,000,000.00
Total asbestos contract amount related to EPC                $ 2,500,000.00 approximated
Total asbestos contract change orders related to EPC      $ 0,000.00 approximated

Project duration                         10 years
Year Designed                           Started Phase 1 in 2000 and designing last phase in 2010

Contact Person – Sue Eager, Director of Facilities
Buffalo Public Schools
(716) 816 3027
Email: seager@buffaloschools.org

East Ramapo Central School District

East Ramapo Central School District –Ongoing Services Eisenbach & Ruhnke Engineering, P.C. (E&R) has provided environmental engineering services for the district over the last 22 years. Services included testing, consulting and designing abatement and management of hazardous materials during the renovations. Hazardous materials included asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and lead-based paint.

E&R has also been Architect/Engineer of Record for the District on multiple projects, including capital projects, environmental responses, energy performance contracts and operating improvements. Responsibilities have included all aspects of building design, SED document submittal, construction management and project administration.

Total Combined Project Construction Cost      $50,000,000.00
Total asbestos contract amount                     $ 15,000,000.00 approximated

Project duration 22 years

Contact Person – Richard Haswell, Director of Facilities
East Ramapo Central School District
557 New Hempstead Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977
(845) 577 6480

Herkimer County Community College (HCCC)

HCCC –Abatement of Johnson Hall Science Center Eisenbach &Ruhnke Engineering, P.C. (E&R) was a sub-consultant to the Architect for this project and pro¬vided testing, project design services and project management for abatement of asbestos containing materials required for the Johnson Hall renovation project. In addition, E&R has performed asbestos testing and Project Monitoring directly for the College.

E&R’s experienced staff and understanding of building systems provided for detailed evaluation and a comprehensive design.

Project duration 4 months
Year Designed 2011-12

Contact Person – Tom Stock
Director of Facilities and Operations
Herkimer County Community College
100 Reservoir Road
Herkimer, New York 13350
(315) 866-0300

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